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Greg Mortimer



​Dr. Greg Mortimer has established a unique family practice. With 30+ years in the south metro Denver area, he has honed in his skill set as being a leader and expert in family wellness. His practice is centered on the family's ability to thrive in a very dynamic surrounding. Today's environment contain stressors (emotional, physical, and toxic) that are far different from a world 50 years ago. He tries state of the art techniques to help with today's challenges. He is an expert in nutrition, fitness and strategies designed to help achieve excellence in your life.

Dr. Greg early in his career gained lots of experience with athletes focusing on the wellness in their performance. For athletes we offer wellness care which helps increase functional execution.

Dr. Greg graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1986. He went to Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he studied to become a chiropractor. Dr. Greg studied under the exceptional Dr. Larry Webster at Life University. Dr. Webster instilled the importance of chiropractic care for children and pregnant mothers. In 1991 Dr. Greg graduated Life University with Honors. He has been in practice in Denver Metro area since 1992.

Over the last 28 years of practice, he has developed his own style and techniques to serve his diverse practice members. He continues to learn by attending seminars and staying current on the latest trends in wellness care.  Dr. Greg's philosophy of Forgiving yourself, Smiling for others, and Playing with friends, has carried over to the FSP Family Wellness Center. Having an open spirit, a tremendous attitude and an adventurous lifestyle are his daily reminders to stay present in this high paced world.​

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