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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Greg focuses on the wellness of your performance.

Chiropractic Care helps increase functional execution.

Initial Adult Visits are $100.00 / Follow-up Visits are $70.00

Initial Teen Visits are $90.00 / Follow-up Visits are $45.00

Initial Kids Visits are $60.00 / Follow-ups are $30.00

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Here at FSP we are love to help new moms and future moms with a range of symptoms, basic back pain to more serious issues like sciatica, nausea, hip pain, proper pelvic alignment, and to reduce stress for a more natural birth plan.


Dr. Greg is here to make pregnancy a healthy and enjoyable time. Dr. Greg wants to help your body while it is going through the changes of pregnancy.


All of Dr. Greg's children were born at home and he wants that for all mothers. He is here to help expecting mothers through the process and to help the new baby when they arrive.

Family Picnic

Kids & Chiropractic

Dr. Greg can check your newborn infant for proper alignment as well as nerve function. Chiropractic adjustments for newborns are gentle and very effective at increasing function during nursing as well as digestion by reducing reflux, constipation, and more. We can also offer suggestions for parents who are looking for natural options for raising their child, including information regarding breastfeeding, vaccinations, medications, sleep schedules, colic, ear infections, and other options.


As kids get older chiropractic can help with "growing pains", performance in sports, and much more.


Athletes & Chiropractic

Dr. Greg focuses on the wellness in their performance. Chiropractic 

Care which helps increase functional execution.


Many athletes come see Dr. Greg to stay on top of their game. Whether their sport is golf, hockey, rugby, gymnastics, motocross, and many more.


Keeping your spine functioning optimally will help prevent injury, as well as, help heal old injuries. Athletes of all ages should get adjusted regularly.

Running Back Carrying Ball

Auto Accidents
& Chiropractic

FSP does accept auto accident cases. There are of course a few forms you have to fill out, during the time of your appointment (please come in 5 to 10 minutes early).


Please bring any and all information on the accident (medical claim number, claim adjusters name and number, at-fault insurance company, and any other information you may have.)  


The FSP office will take care of all the billing for the auto accident and go through any questions you may have regarding billing.

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