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Join FSP in achieving excellence.

Meet Dr. Greg


​Dr. Greg Mortimer has established a unique family practice. With 30 years in the south metro Denver area, he has honed in his skill set as being a leader and expert in family wellness. His practice is centered on the family's ability to thrive in a very dynamic surroundings.


Today's environment contains stressors (emotional, physical, and toxic) that are far different from a world 50 years ago. He tries state-of-the-art techniques to help with today's challenges. He is an expert in nutrition, fitness, and strategies designed to help achieve excellence in your life.


FSP Wellness Treatments

Eyes Closed

When should you get adjusted?

Dr. Greg is one of the few chiropractors that will ask "how will YOU stay out of our office",

because here at FSP Family Wellness Center we want you to be in charge of your health and wellness!

I have been coming to get adjusted by Dr. Greg for almost 15 years! each and every time, he is able to ease my pain, lift my spirits and help me live a healthier more enjoyable life!

- Kelly S.

He knows what he is doing! Always helpful, knowledgeable, takes time to answer my questions

-Jan H.

​He is the ultimate healer!

- Mandy C.

Adjustment with Dr. Greg

Consultations with Dr. Greg include an overview of your health and wellness. He will talk through the adjustment as well as what to aspect from the FSP practice.

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