Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Here at FSP we are love to help new moms and future moms with a range of symptoms, basic back pain to more serious issues like sciatica, nausea, hip pain, proper pelvic alignment, and to reduce stress for a more natural birth plan.


Dr. Greg is here to make pregnancy a healthy and enjoyable time. Dr. Greg wants to help your body while it is going through the changes of pregnancy.


All of Dr. Greg's children were born at home and he wants that for all mothers. He is here to help expecting mothers through the process and to help the new baby when they arrive.

Monday| 3:00p -7:00p   

Tuesday| 9:00a - 12:30p & 2:40p -6:00p   

Wednesday|8:30a - 12:30p    

Thursday| 9:00a - 12:30p & 2:40p-6:00p   

Friday| 8:30a -12:30p

FSP Family Wellness Center

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